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Poker Hand Odds

The odds of getting various different poker hands can vary depending on how hard it is for a specific hand to be acheived.

Below is a list of Poker Hand odds for different possible hand outcomes.

Poker Hand Odds

Strongest hands at the top the weakest at the bottom
Poker Hand Odds of getting the poker hand

Royal Flush

649,739 to 1
Straight Flush 72,192 : 1
4 of a Kind 4164 : 1
Full House 693 : 1
Flush 508 : 1
Straight 254 : 1
3 of a Kind 46 : 1
2 Pair 20 : 1
Pair 1.36 : 1
High Card  
The Poker hands listed above are arranged with the strongest poker hand at the top with the weakest poker hand at the bottom




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